Jarred Lawrence

Jarred Lawrence


Jarred has always wanted to improve his own experience when at the gym. A big problem gym users face is sharing equipment with lots of other people, this is because of the potential spread of bacteria.

Using spray bottles and paper towels wasn't going to cut it so Jarred and his partners came up with a solution - antibacterial gym wipes in an easy to use dispenser available for everyone.

This solution has grown into the successful business that WOW WIPES is today.

  •  Prevents the spread of bacteria and other germs
  •  Improves and enhances your gym users experience
  •  Cost effective, easy  install dispensers and antibacterial wipes refills

Whilst we will dispatch your orders promptly, delivery time frames may be extended due to peak delivery season , Christmas, Black Friday Sales and Covid-19 related delays. Please allow for this when ordering.