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Not your typical Antibacterial Wipes

WOW Wipes are specifically designed to be the most powerful and innovative wet wipe, ever.

WOW Wipes are a safe alternative to chemical-based antibacterial sprays and cleaners. Our antibacterial wipes are perfect for use in kitchens, break rooms, bars, gyms or anywhere you need surface cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals. Our formula kills 99.99% of germs, and removes pathogens, soil, sweat, while also deodorising & protecting surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning up after the kids or getting down and dirty at work, our wipes will have you saying WOW!

Our Difference

WOW Wipes® Shop Antibacterial Wipes
Antibacterial Wipes Bucket with Maxx-Pack 1200 wipes Roll


Our Maxx Pack wipes are our best value wipes, ideal for customers who want to provide a high-quality cleaning solution for a low cost. These wipes are very absorbent and soft. With 1200 wipes per roll, our Maxx-pack wipes are perfect for your business or home!

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WOW Wipes® Shop Antibacterial Wipes

WOW WIPES Bamboo 4 x 800 Bamboo Wipes


Our Bamboo antibacterial wipes combine science and nature to deliver the ultimate sanitising wipe. Made with eco-friendly bamboo fabric, these wipes are super soft, strong and 100% biodegradable. With 3,200 wipes included, this bulk pack is perfect for customers looking to stock up their cupboards and save!

Use coupon code ‘Wipes20’ to get 20% off your first order.

WOW Wipes® Shop Antibacterial Wipes

4 x 810 Premium Antibacterial Wipes + Matte Black Dispenser


Our premium wipes are perfect for customers who like a thicker and more heavy-duty fabric. This starter pack includes a total of 3,240 wipes and a matte black standing dispenser. Our dispensers are perfect for businesses, gyms or supermarkets looking for a low maintenance and functional solution to maintain hygiene.

Client Testimonials


How effective are WOW Wipes?

WOW Wipes have been tested by certified Australian laboratories to kill 99.99-99.999% of harmful germs and bacteria.

Do the antibacterial wipes contain dangerous chemicals?

No. 98.95% of the liquid in WOW Wipes formula is composed of purified water. The active ingredients are commonly found in everyday products designed for the human body. WOW Wipes are hypoallergenic for handling, and at the same time very effective at sanitising and cleansing surfaces.

Do the antibacterial wipes contain ammonia, bleach or alcohol?

No. Our wipes do not contain harsh ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine or alcohol.

What surfaces are safe to use WOW wipes on?

The WOW Wipes cleaning solution is suitable for use on plastic, laminates, metals, vinyl, treated leather, plexiglass screens, wood, rubber, and more.

How many wipes are needed to clean a surface?
Our wipes are large enough to wipe down most surface areas. If an area contains debris, we recommend using one cloth to wipe away the debris and a second to disinfect the surface.
Where do you supply WOW Wipes?
We are proud to supply our antibacterial wipes nationwide for Australian businesses and homes.
Are WOW Wipes cruelty-free?

Yes, we never have and never will test on animals. We carefully selected ingredients widely accepted as hypoallergenic, and tested this in an Australian laboratory for effectiveness against surface germs.

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