4 x 1200 ‘MAXX-PACK’ Antibacterial Wipes + Matte Black Standing Dispenser 1200SP3-MB.

4 x 1200 ‘MAXX-PACK’ Antibacterial Wipes + Matte Black Standing Dispenser 1200SP3-MB.



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1 x Powder Coated Floor Dispenser + 1 x Maxx-Pack Carton

The Maxx-Pack Antibacterial Wipes are our most economical Wipes option, and our best seller.

Our MAXX-PACK Antibacterial Wipes utilise a slightly thinner version of the ‘Premium’ Antibacterial Wipes fabric so we can pack an extra 1560 wipes into each carton (390 extra wipes per roll)*

  • 4 x 1,200 count rolls per carton (4,800 wipes total)
  • High Wipe count = less cost, less frequent ordering, and less time required from staff to replace rolls
  • Strong diamond embossed wood-pulp fabric*
  • Same fresh lemon scent and antibacterial formula as our ‘Premium’ Antibacterial Wipes.
  • Our premium Matte Black wipes dispenser. A heavy-duty functional solution for when you have limited wall space
    • Sleek Black Look
    • Inbuilt waste bin below the Wipes
    • Low maintenance – Minimal moving parts
    • Silicone nozzle for effective wipes dispensing
    • Freestanding versatility – change location whenever suits
    • Magnet latch for rear door waste bin access
    • Easily holds all our bulk rolls – MAXX-PACK and Premium Antibacterial Wipes + Office Wipes + Fitwipes Bamboo

*During the Covid19 period, our usual fabric has become temporarily unavailable as it is being diverted to facemask and PPE production.  We are using an alternative fabric which will continue until our standard fabric becomes available again soon.  IMPORTANT:  The antibacterial/germ killing properties of the wipes is unchanged.

**To give you peace of mind that WOW Wipes kill germs, they have been tested by a TGA registered Australian laboratory against Coronavirus (surrogate), Influenza A, E. coli, S. aureus – all with positive results and a 99.9%-99.999% reduction in pathogens.  **S.aureus, E.coli

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