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7 Features to Look for in a Wipes Dispenser for Your Business or Gym

When purchasing a wipes dispenser, there are multiple factors to consider depending on the needs it will be servicing. Whether you’re after functionality, style, size, quality, or a combination of these, choosing the right wipe dispenser can be easy with the right information at hand. Here are seven essential features to consider when buying your next dispenser.

Free Standing / Wall Mounted / or Desktop Dispenser 

When deciding on a suitable type of wipes dispenser, several factors beyond mere convenience come into play. The placement, functionality, and purpose of the dispenser are pivotal considerations. Firstly, think about where the dispenser will be situated—is it a high-traffic area, a specific workstation like an office, or perhaps a portable unit might be needed for varied locations? Understanding the environment helps determine the most suitable type of dispenser.

For instance, a free-standing dispenser provides convenient access and portability, making it perfect for dynamic environments where layout changes or frequent relocation can occur. It allows you to place wipes exactly where they’re needed most without designating a ‘locked-in’ area for them. This versatility is especially beneficial in places like gyms or schools, where individuals within the same location can easily access wipes on the go.

The dispenser can be effortlessly relocated to accommodate varying needs or cleaning schedules. Our Standing Dispensers measure 91 cm tall and 33.5 cm wide and weigh only 12 kg, making them ideal for mobility without occupying much space.  They also feature an integrated waste receptacle, which negates the need to provide a separate dedicated rubbish bin.

In contrast, a wall-mounted dispenser is ideal for stationary locations where wipes must be readily accessible yet neatly stored in a compact unit, contributing to a tidy and organised workspace. Our wall mounts measure 24 cm L x 25 cm W x 30.5 cm H and weigh 1.5 kg, which is ideal for maintaining hygiene without compromising aesthetics as they seamlessly blend into any environment.

For additional portability, consider our bucket wipe dispenser.  These are perfect for servicing pop-up events or permanent locations as required and then put away if necessary until needed again.

When a semi-permanent free-standing solution is needed, we offer a portable bucket-compatible floor stand that complements your wall dispenser setup, providing flexibility and convenience.

Our Desktop Dispensers are suitable for smaller, more controlled settings such as individual workstations or office desks. These units ensure that wipes are stylishly and conveniently within reach without taking up floor or wall space. They are particularly useful in settings where quick access to wipes is essential for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Our desktop dispensers are 26 cm wide, 30 cm tall and weigh 1.34 kg. They perfectly complement offices or countertops while still providing the benefits of bulk wipes rolls to ensure you don’t have to frequently top up wipes.

By carefully considering placement, functionality, purpose, and the specific requirements of your environment, you can determine whether a free-standing, wall-mounted, portable bucket (with or without a portable wall stand) or a desktop wipe dispenser best suits your needs and enhances your cleaning efficiency.


Durability is crucial when buying a dispenser. Dispensers need to remain strong and reliable over time, and we have prioritised durability by using the highest-quality materials such as stainless steel, powder coating, PVD ceramic coating, and more. Choose a wipe dispenser that’s built to last, ensuring durability and performance you can trust.

Ease of Use

Dealing with a wipe dispenser that hinders effective dispensing or dispenses too many wipes at once can be frustrating and wasteful. When choosing a dispenser, consider its mechanism and features to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. Our dispensers feature a replaceable silicone nozzle for smooth and efficient dispensing mechanics.


Dispenser design is crucial as it directly impacts functionality, as well as aesthetics. Keeping in mind that functionality is paramount, we’ve ensured that all our dispensers are designed to maximise performance and longevity.  WOW Wipes dispensers come in neutral colours to create a seamless integration into any environment. Features such as our airtight silicone nozzles and protective cover or flap on our bucket dispensers minimise contact with the wipes, maintaining an airtight environment for long-lasting moisture content and maximum disinfectant performance. Our free standing dispensers feature a built-in rubbish bin with a magnet latch door, for a modern streamlined appearance and simple maintenance-free functionality.


A low-maintenance dispenser is a must. Gone are the days of constant refills and maintenance. Our dispensers are designed to minimise these frustrations. They are built to accommodate antibacterial wipe rolls, each holding 800 – 1,200 wipes, reducing the need for frequent refills. With minimal moving parts, our dispensers require little attention and are less prone to downtime.

Whether for a busy gym, office, or school, selecting a dispenser that meets your specific needs ensures a smart investment that enhances satisfaction and operational efficiency. Features such as smooth dispensing mechanisms, sturdy designs, and easy upkeep play a key role in maintaining cleanliness and convenience.