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WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes

WOW Wipes’ antibacterial wipes enable clients and employees to effortlessly clean and disinfect surfaces on their own. These pre-saturated towelettes boast a highly effective hypoallergenic formulation and are proven to kill 99.99% of germs. Our antibacterial wipes are perfect for every situation including:

Gyms and Fitness Clubs
Perfect for disinfecting equipment before and after use, preventing the spread of germs on treadmills, cardio consoles, weights, benches, and mats.

Schools and Universities
Ideal for cleaning desks, chairs, and shared equipment in classrooms and libraries, and maintaining a hygienic learning environment.

Offices and Corporate Environments
Promote employee health and productivity by sanitising desks, keyboards, phones, and communal areas in the workspace.

Housekeeping staff can use WOW Wipes to sanitise high-touch surfaces in guest rooms and common areas, ensuring guest satisfaction and safety.

Public Transport
Effective for disinfecting buses and trains, sanitising seats, handrails, and ticket machines to keep commuters safe.

Public Areas
Keep parks, playgrounds, and community centres safe by cleaning benches, playground equipment, and picnic tables with antibacterial wipes.

Hospitality and Entertainment
Maintain hygiene in cafes, restaurants, bars, cinemas, and other venues by efficiently cleaning tables, chairs, menus, and shared items.

Allied Health
Ensure sterile environments in clinics and dental offices by cleaning medical equipment, treatment tables, and waiting area surfaces.

Commercial Cleaning
Professional cleaners can achieve high hygiene standards in offices and retail spaces by using antibacterial wipes to disinfect surfaces. Perfect for cleaning blinds and fans.