Office germs – it’s much worse than you thought!

Australians have become increasingly health conscious and according to IBISWorld, the trend is expected to continue over the next 5 years. People are increasingly aware of the importance of physical activity, good nutrition, and the avoidance of harmful behaviours such as smoking and excessive alcohol intake.  In this environment, people are also acutely aware of ‘health stealing’ conditions such as colds, flu, and bacterial infections. Unfortunately, many are still blasé when it comes to employing effective germ avoidance techniques.  Simple healthy [...]


Wet Wipes and the environment

Antibacterial Wipes are super convenient, they keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and they kill germs to help you stay healthy.  One question you may ask is ‘are they environmentally friendly?’ Words such as ‘Sustainability’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘Green’, is impossible to avoid, and the Australian government is now getting involved with new laws designed to limit waste and encourage positive environmental outcomes. Australian businesses are also getting on board by trying to do their best for the environment – the ban on supermarket [...]

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Gym Equipment has 362 times more Bacteria than a Toilet Seat!

You would never touch a dirty toilet seat and then wipe sweat out of your eyes, right?  Well, according to a terrifying new analysis of bacteria found in gyms, you’re probably already doing something way worse. In a recent experiment, examined bacterial samples taken from 27 common pieces of workout equipment at large chains around the country. And let’s just say the results aren’t pleasant. According to the report, our sweat accessories are actually way germier than some of [...]