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Antibacterial Wipes DISPENSERS

So, you’ve had a browse through our selection of germ-killing WOW Wipes and now shopping for a new and sophisticated cleaning wipes dispenser to house your latest investment.

Don’t stress because we’ve got you completely covered from:

No matter space, interior or look, WOW Wipes has an excellent range of disinfectant bulk wipes dispensers to suit your needs. All WOW Wipes dispensers are compatible with our complete antibacterial bulk wipes range to ensure your versatility and flexibility to explore every product. Continue reading below to find an antibacterial wipes dispenser that will satisfy your functional and practical needs.

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Antibacterial Wipe Solutions

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

Powder Coated Standing Wipes Station | Matte Black

Designed with a sleek matte black look, this powder-coated standing dispenser is a fantastic addition to any space. One of our latest additions to the antibacterial wipes’ dispenser range, it offers ultimate durability with the new matte black polish, as well as an inbuilt waste bin and our advanced new silicone nozzle for wipes control and ease. Do you have limited wall space? This standing station was made for you!

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

Stainless Steel Standing Wipes Station | Silver

The original WOW Wipes stainless steel dispenser featuring the inbuilt waste bin and antibacterial wipes housing unit. It’s the perfect size to compliment any functional space, and the billet silver finish is a contemporary look made to elevate any room. With minimal moving parts and freestanding versatility, this cleaning wipes dispenser can be relocated anywhere, at any time. Featuring the advanced new silicone nozzle and fuss free installation, order yours today!

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

Premium Wipes Standing Station | Custom

Looking for a premium, disinfectant wipes dispenser to match your business’s custom look? Searching for next-level durability and premium style for a market that demands the very best? This premium design standing station is the cleaning wipes dispenser for you! Featuring our hallmark silicone nozzle, new look design and custom branding options, your antibacterial wipes dispensers will be a standout feature to encourage customer use in any business space! Enquire about your custom multi-surface bulk wipes dispenser today.

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser | Matte

Do you have limited floor space and require a multi-surface wipes dispenser that’s easily accessible? Check out the latest wall dispenser addition to the WOW Wipes range. Designed with a new matte coat finish and silicone valve nozzle, encourage the use of your antibacterial wipes with our convenient wall-mounted design. With one easy swipe of the cloth, you’ll be maintaining a germ-free environment with this simple yet effective design. Colours are available in matte black and matte white, so what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

Wall Mounted Wipes Dispenser | Gloss

This is the original WOW Wipes wall dispenser. It’s by far our most popular design, with the classic gloss finish, large compartment to house our varied sized packs, as well as ease of installation. The adjustable nozzle allows for controlled cleaning wipes usage, and the dispenser is available in both white and black colours. Shop this glossy dispenser today and elevate your home, gym or fitness space today!

WOW Wipes® Antibacterial Wipes Dispensers

WOW Wipes Bucket

Would you like access to your WOW Wipes multi-surface wipes anywhere and at any time? Whether you’re a client on the go or would like to store away your germ-killing wipes, our WOW Wipes buckets are the perfect cost-effective solution. Made for your convenience (e.g. the kitchen, car, office, home, home, gym etc.) trial the Gym Wipes ‘Maxx-Pack’ and Gym Wipes ‘Premium’ housing buckets to store your antibacterial wipes purchase today!

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