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Wet Wipes and the environment

Antibacterial Wipes are super convenient, they keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and they kill germs to help you stay healthy.  One question you may ask is ‘are they environmentally friendly?’

Words such as ‘Sustainability’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘Green’, is impossible to avoid, and the Australian government is now getting involved with new laws designed to limit waste and encourage positive environmental outcomes.

Australian businesses are also getting on board by trying to do their best for the environment – the ban on supermarket plastic bags is a recent example of this.

Then there’s you, the consumer.  If you’re like most people you’d rather go for a ‘green’ product if it’s reasonably priced.

So where do wipes fit into this picture?

There is a huge variety of different wipes available, some more eco-friendly than others, from cheap plastic fabric all the way up to high-end bamboo fabric.

If disposed of responsibly with general waste, wipes will go to a waste processing facility and not end up in waterways or the general environment.  So that’s a tick for the environment.

Or you could take it a step further and choose an earth-friendly wipe, such as those made from biodegradable and compostable bamboo.  That’s a much bigger tick for the environment.

Until recently, it has been difficult to find a commercial bulk roll wipe made from biodegradable fabric, and even more difficult to find one made of premium bamboo fabric.

To meet this need, and to do their bit for the environment, WOW Wipes have introduced 3 new pre-moistened, large roll, bamboo wipe products for commercial and residential applications:

  • Fitwipes Bamboo – 800 wipe rolls designed for the sweaty surfaces found inside fitness facilities. Members love the convenience of WOW wipes, as well as the comfort of knowing that they are lab tested to kill bacteria and germs.  Having biodegradable bamboo wipes available in gyms satisfies the demands of the most tenacious eco-warrior members.
  • Office Wipes – 800 wipe rolls dispensed from wall and floor dispensers, suitable for most administration and office-based areas.Designed to kill bacteria and germs found on general office surfaces such as keyboards, desks, phone handsets, door handles, etc – all of which are surfaces known to harbour frighteningly massive quantities of nasty bacteria and germs.  Perfect for hot desking, co-working spaces, call centres and government departments.
  • Home Wipes – 800 wipes contained inside a handy dispensing bucket which will last for many months. Sometimes a spray bottle + kitchen cloth sounds like a good idea, however, the humble kitchen cloth has been found to harbour super high concentrations of germs unless the cloth is machine washed at least daily. WOW ‘Home Wipes’ answer this problem by providing a fresh new sanitary wipe peruse to kill bacteria and germs on your home surfaces.

These products are a great option for the more environmentally conscious business or consumer.  But how biodegradable are they in practice?

Here’s a recent case study from a FitWipes Bamboo customer:

Gavin Wilcox from ‘Your Life Fitness Centre’ in Port Macquarie contacted WOW Wipes asking for bulk Gym Wipes rolls for his large fitness club.   His non-negotiable requirement was that the wipes must be 100% biodegradable or able to break down with green waste.

A WOW Wipes Bamboo sample was sent to Gavin, which he sent to his local waste processing facility to confirm that they were 100% biodegradable.

The waste company is NASAA Certified Organic and Certified for Approval according to the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System.  The result was that WOW Wipes bamboo wipes and their liquid ingredients were approved by the company for waste disposal inside their green bins, which are regularly collected from ‘Your Life Fitness Centre’ for further organic processing into mulch and compost materials.

By choosing WOW Wipes bamboo bulk wipe products, consumers can rest easy in the knowledge that they have selected the most environmentally responsible choice of bulk Wipes available for their business or home.

That’s a big tick for the environment.

If you would like to purchase an antibacterial wipe that is safe for the environment shop now.