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Antibacterial Wipes & Dispenser Starter Packs

Are you looking for a safe antibacterial wipes product to promote a clean and hygienic environment for your workplace, gym or home?

Our range of wholesale wet wipes is the convenient and simple solution you need to wipe away gym infections, office germs and household bacteria. Our antibacterial wipes are a must-have item that you won’t want to live without. Also available in an environmentally friendly, bamboo cleaning wipes alternative.

To help guide you through choosing the right WOW Wipes set up, we’ve put together the below list outlining our range of multi-surface antibacterial wipes starter packs. No matter the location or business, the below list breakdowns each of our products, so you can match an antibacterial wipes star-up solution to your needs and requirements.

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Starter Pack Solutions

WOW Wipes® Starter Packs

WOW Wipes Maxx Pack

The WOW Wipes Maxx Pack is our best-selling gym wipes starter pack. Containing 4 x 1,200 wipes rolls and your choice of a gym wipes dispenser, this high-demand starter pack offers lower costs and fewer orders throughout the year. With additional savings that meets the needs of our fitness focused business owners, order yours today and improve your team and clients experience by reducing harmful bacteria!

WOW Wipes® Starter Packs

Office Wipes Bamboo

Suitable for any workplace, our antibacterial Office Wipe packs include 4 x 800 wipe rolls and your choice of an office wipes dispenser. This is an excellent cleaning wipes solution which is perfect for any new customers who would like to trial our popular office wipes range. Sustainably made with our eco-friendly bamboo ingredients, it’s time you minimised the risk of harmful germs and bacteria with Office Wipes today.

WOW Wipes® Starter Packs

WOW Wipes Bamboo

Did you know workout equipment is a breeding ground for bad bacteria? It’s extremely important to promote positive hygiene practices using our much-loved bamboo fitness equipment wipes. The WOW Wipes starter packs includes 4 x 800 wipe rolls and your choice of an antibacterial gym wipes dispenser to suit your space and aesthetic requirements

WOW Wipes® Starter Packs

WOW Wipes Premium

Our WOW Wipes starter packs are a fantastic option for customers who prefer a more premium feel in our very popular disinfectant wipes. Offering a thicker and more heavy-duty wet wipe, the FitWipes Premium range is a preferred choice among business owners. The starter packs include 4 x 800 wipe rolls and your choice in a sleek and modern wipes dispenser to match your high-quality standards.

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