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Eco-Friendly Antibacterial Wipes

A key advantage of antibacterial wipes is their convenience - a quick and easy way for people to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces.

Disinfectant wipes are an essential tool in the fight against infection and have been for decades. In recent years hygiene has taken on even greater importance as infection has become a greater public concern.
A key advantage of antibacterial wipes is their convenience – a quick and easy way for people to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces.

With more and more businesses offering antibacterial wipes for their staff and customers, there is a greater volume of wet wipes being used in the community.

Hygienic and clean surfaces are non-negotiable, and with higher volumes of wipes being used, sustainability takes on greater importance.


Do WOW Wipes offer eco-friendly antibacterial wipes?

WOW Wipes was the first Australian company to offer 100% Biodegradable bulk roll wipes when they introduced their popular Bamboo Wipes in 2016.
Bamboo is considered the highest quality biodegradable fabric for a variety of reasons, notably that it is a fast-growing natural resource that requires little water, regenerates naturally, is hypoallergenic, and is one of the softest fabrics available whilst also being extremely strong.

While Bamboo can be considered a premium fabric, WOW Wipes have recently introduced a value-based Biodegradable alternative – the “ECO-Maxx”.
Packing in an extra 200 wipes per roll, ECO-Maxx are fast becoming the wipe of choice for businesses that want to offer biodegradable wipes and also minimise costs.


Are WOW Wipes eco-friendly antibacterial wipes compostable?

WOW Wipes biodegradable options (Bamboo & ECO-Maxx) are regularly being processed by commercial composting operations. Customers dispose of the wipes in ‘Green Bins’ provided by their composting provider*.

*Composting providers have their own specific preferences for what they allow in their composting stream, so the wipes should be approved before disposing of in green bins.
WOW Wipes ‘Premium’ and ‘Maxx-Pack’ wipes are not compostable.


What happens if I dispose of Biodegradable Wipes with normal waste?

No problem, WOW Wipes eco-friendly antibacterial wipes will still biodegrade in the landfill over time.

WOW Wipes provides options

The founding philosophy of the WOW Wipes brand is product excellence and continual improvement. WOW Wipes have carried this philosophy to a focus on sustainable eco-friendly antibacterial wipes. They believe that sustainability is taking on greater importance in a world of finite resources and WOW Wipes will continue to evolve and offer biodegradable wipes at economical prices.

WOW Wipes kill 99.99% of germs