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Wipes vs. Spray Bottles | To Spray or Not to Spray?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that germs aren’t everywhere when they’re found in many places you wouldn’t expect! That’s right. Bacteria is found in the air we breathe, our food and just about every surface – including our body!

Therefore, we believe it should be a basic practice that all businesses promote the use of an effective cleaning solution, such as WOW Wipes. Proactively fighting germs in a gym shouldn’t stop short of a regular hand wash, staying home when sick or using a towel.

Updating the Existing Gym Policy

The existing gym policy “No Towel, No Workout” isn’t enough when preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses within workout facilities. There is a greater need to evolve this out-dated policy due to the growth and expansion of the workout industry.

In a report by ABC Life, Microbiologist, Cameron Jones, stated that gym towels promote the spread of germs from the gym to your house! Mr Jones spent his life researching mould, infection control and environmental health and discovered that,

“If you’re using your towel to wipe down equipment, you’re putting it in contact with a truly unsavoury variety of germs. They can then be transferred to your house when you take home your gym kit.  And if you’re using your dirty towel to dab at your sweaty face, it can actually make you sick” – Cameron Jones

Which is the Best Solution?

The top cleaning solutions offered in the market to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria is disinfectant wipes and sprays. Encouragingly, most gyms and recreational centres do now provide antibacterial wipes or disinfectant spray, and many offices do the same. So, the real question still remains.  What is the most effective cleaning agent that should be standardised within all gyms, health clubs, workplaces and offices? Here’s our analysis.

  1. Spray Bottles

Spray bottles and paper towels have been the only disinfectant solution necessary in businesses for years. This spray and paper towel systems were once effective; however, they now present many inherent limitations.

Although spray & towels have been an active part of the germ-killing arsenal, too often it has been seen that un-trained cleaning staff and the general public put themselves at risk with:

  1. Improper handling and decanting of concentrated chemicals,
  2. Incorrect dilution ratios,
  3. Disinfectant spray becoming airborne and inhaled.

Then there is the ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to clean equipment whilst using spray bottles and towels. There is the ‘care factor’ consideration from staff and the public often leaving a lot to be desired. Spraying any liquid (often repeatedly) directly onto electrical equipment or displays runs a substantial risk of an expensive repair job.  Disinfectants should be sprayed onto the towel first, not directly on the machine equipment.   Unfortunately, some staff and the public aren’t always the best at following directions.

Convenience is a huge limitation with spray bottles and paper towels. Bottles are either missing, used, broken, or empty.

Furthermore, paper towels leave lint and papery residue on surfaces, as well as used sheets being messy and resistant to compacting inside rubbish bins – we’ve all seen paper towels overflowing from bins, and randomly littering the floor!

Lastly, the emergence of hazardous airborne chemicals causing problematic health issues in public, a ‘No Spray’ policy is becoming increasingly popular within businesses. There is now a greater need for a safer cleaning alternative welcoming the antibacterial wet wipe business, WOW Wipes.

  1. Disinfectant Wipes

Since the arrival of bulk disinfectant wipes in the early 2000s, businesses have opted to replace the humble spray bottle.

Pre-moistened wet wipe systems are extremely competitive by working around the various issues associated with spray bottles. Plus, it simultaneously offers a highly effective and user-friendly germ-killing solution.  Bulk wipes systems have a clear advantage with the following:

  • Convenience: Take a single wipe, use, then dispose of it.
  • Accessibility: A single wipes dispenser can supply large numbers of people at one time without much waiting time. (I.e. after a group fitness class, each person takes a turn to quickly make a wipe and no wait).
  • Safety: No chemical mixing necessary! Disinfectant wipes have the correct ratio of active ingredients and cannot be swallowed.
  • Low maintenance: Staff replaces a refill roll once the dispenser is empty.
  • Presentation: Modern looking dispensers match and enhance most interior décor.
  • Tidiness: Wipes sink to the bottom of the bins. No lint.  No ‘walkabout’ spray bottles.
  • Loss: Bulk rolls are not an attractive target for theft. Bulk wet wipes are less likely to accidentally slip into a person’s bag due to their size and weight.


We believe that disinfectant wipes are the modern-day cleaning solution that should be standardised within all businesses. It’s great to see that previous to this blog; companies already made the switch to a safer and more effective cleaning solution.

WOW Wipes disinfectant wipes have been laboratory tested to kill 99.99% of germs within 2 minutes (E. coli and Staph/MRSA). www.wowwipes.com.au